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Brooke Allen, Office StaffBrooke Allen
Office Staff

Karen Maroot, CEO of Esano Corporation met Brooke in a chance encounter at a local coffee shop (where Brooke was employed) in which Karen was so impressed with Brooke's people skills she interviewed her and hired her a short time after. Brooke is a student of Forensic Psychology at Willow International College in Clovis, CA. She hopes to gain experience she will need to pursue her future goal in becoming a forensic psychologist.

Brooke currently still works at a coffee shop, and is the proclaimed Esano "barista". Brooke also worked as a lifeguard at the Island Water park where she is proud to have received special awards for saving two person's lives. In her free time, she loves working out at the gym, playing with her dog, family bonding, and music. She also loves to watch Law and Order marathons.


Esano Staff and Dr. Wajda have been instrumental in saving the life of my son who has struggled with drug addiction for 10 years.

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