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Psyched was conceived out of my desire to pull back the curtain on mental health treatment and allow people to see past the stigma of having mental health issues. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 people will encounter a mental health problem severe enough to justify mental health treatment during the course of their lifetime- yet, the vast majority of these people don’t seek that treatment. I want to address any misconceptions that people may have about mental health professionals or the care that we provide. We don’t reside in ivory towers- but are approachable everyday human beings (passing gas just like everybody else) providing what is an integral part of your overall health care. We inject humor, not to make light of the seriousness of mental health issues but in an effort to educate, entertain and engage an audience who would otherwise may not explore the subject. This is why we are "The lighter side of mental health...taken seriously". Consider yourself personally invited to join me Sundays at 6pm on Power Talk 96.7 and AM 1400 to get "Psyched".

Dr. Brad- "The cure for stinkin' thinkin'"


Esano Staff and Dr. Wajda have been instrumental in saving the life of my son who has struggled with drug addiction for 10 years.

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