Family Therapy & Counseling

Dr. Wajda & Esano's commitment to treating each patient as an integrated whole compels us to always consider the entire family when comprehensively evaluating each and every patient.

Family therapy is applied to the unique social system and pattern of communication within the family. 

Treating only the family member who is identified as having a problem is like treating the symptom of a disease but not the disease itself.

One struggling family member may be a symptom of a larger family problem.

Often, any change in one member of the family affects the family structure as well as each family member individually. 

This cycle will continue until the problems within the family are dealt with.

Family Therapy & Counseling:

  • teaches family members about how they function within their unique family and in general.
  • helps the family focus less on one member and focus more on the unit as a whole.
  • identifies conflicts and anxieties within the family as well as developing strategies to resolve them.
  • strengthens all family members and teaches them to problem-solve together.
  • teaches conflict resolution and alternate ways to handle changes within the family.