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At Esano Corporation, Dr. Wajda, is often called upon to publish articles, or to present on mental health care topics. 

We will post links to publications and media interviews on our website so you may better understand our views in regards to mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Speaking & Public Appearances

June - 2019 - GeneSight Santa Fe, NM

June - 2019 - Allergan Fresno, CA

June - 2019 - Avanir San Diego, CA 

July - 2019 - Avanir Salinas, CA

September - 2019 - Avanir Yakima, WA

November 2021 Myriad, Genetics Amarillo, TX & Oklahoma City

March 10, 2022- Myriad Genetics - Afton, OK


Central Valley Today; with Alex Delgado - Bradley T. Wajda speaks on Mental Health issues.

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Wajda, Bradley T., The American Journal of Clinical Medicine, "Physicians' Responsibility with Prescription Drug Abuse", Volume 9, Number 3, pages 154-156, Fall 2012. (Link)

Wajda, Bradley T., Fresno Life Magazine, "Straight Talk About Depression, The Facts About The Latest Non-Drug Treatment Option", pages 32-33, Premier Issue - Nov/Dec 2012. (Link)

Wajda, Bradley T., Fresno Life Magazine, "Fretting Over Family Dysfunction, Steps for Improving Relationships This Year", pages 30-31, Jan 2013. (Link)

Wajda, Bradley T., Fresno Life Magazine, "Raising The Glass, The Question of Use of Alcohol to Excess", pages 32-33, Mar 2013. (Link)

Wajda, Bradley T., Fresno Life Magazine, "Subtracting Addiction, The Science Behind Addictive Behaviors", pages 32-33, Apr 2013. (Link)

The Esano goal is to advocate responsibly in our field. This includes collaboration and education, not only with our peers, but with our patients who we consider partners in their treatment.

If you have a newsletter or journal and are looking for articles in regards to Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment please contact us we are happy to support ongoing education in our field.

If you need Dr. Wajda to speak at your event or ongoing educational program about Mental Health, please contact Karen Maroot at (559) 493-5544.